• Terry Swanson

    Nurse Practitioner Wound Management/W.E.R.C (Wound Education Research Consultancy)

  • Terry Swanson is a fellow of Wounds Australia, Vice Chair of the International Wound Infection Institute, and one of the first Nurse Practitioners in wound management in Australia. Terry is recognised nationally and internationally for her expertise in wound management and wound infection. Her joy is working with others and finding new innovations to help patients with wounds.

    Terry commenced wound management in 1990 and her practice was shaped by an article in 1994 by Keith Cutting and Keith Harding on the Criterial for identifying wound infection. She was invited to attend an international wound infection forum in 2006 which was the first meeting for the International Wound Infection Institute (IWII). Her passion for identifying and managing wound infection has continued to grow. Terry has served as the Chair of the IWII and is the current Vice Chair. In 2016 she led the project for the development of the IWII Wound Infection in Clinical Practice: Principles of best practice. Her expertise and passion for the subject of wound infection was acknowledged with Terry being invited and participating in the Global Wound Biofilm Expert Panel.

    Terry has published and presented on chronic wounds and wound infection nationally and internationally. She was the lead author and editor for the book Wound Management for the Advanced Practitioner. Terry was the Scientific Chair of the 2018 Wounds Australia National Conference and has held positions of responsibility of various nursing and wound related boards locally, nationally and internationally. She was awarded a fellowship and life member of AWMA/ Wounds Australia for her dedication and influence in the wound management. Terry is co-author of the International Consensus Document: Defying hard – to – heal wounds with an early antibiofilm intervention strategy: wound hygiene.