• Dr Pia Winberg

    CEO/Venus Shell Systems

  • Pia has worked across sustainable marine industry development and academia for the past 20 years. Her focus has gone from research to applied technology development in integrating marine food production systems with the environment, to deliver potent nutritional benefits to society. Nutrition and food is a key opportunity for a transition to a more sustainable future, and the oceans are a platform that can deliver on that if approached wisely.

    Seaweed is the biggest aquaculture crop globally and has a value of close to $12B. Integrating seaweed and marine systems ecology into industrial processes is an opportunity for sustainability and nutritional outcomes that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. Added to our mainstream food chain, seaweed could contribute significantly to reducing malnutrition in impoverished countries, as well as chronic diseases related to western diets, including obesity which now rivals starvation. I will present the case for marine food production including seaweed, in contributing to our basic food intake in the west… for everyone… every day.