• Dr Penney Upton

    Associate Professor in Health/University of Canberra

  • Doctor Penney Upton is Associate Professor in Health at the University of Canberra. A Chartered Psychologist, she is also Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Penney has worked in both community and clinical settings. Her research spans three main areas: evidence based practice, changing health behaviours, and quality of life/wellbeing. She has a particular interest in patient reported outcomes, and is skilled in the development of psychometrically sound measures. Penney has published widely on the impact that living with chronic illness and long-term conditions has on quality of life and wellbeing, and is on the editorial board of the International Encyclopaedia of Quality of Life and Wellbeing Research published by Springer in 2014 (currently under revision). She is also co-author (with Professor Dominic Upton) of the textbook ‘Psychology of Wounds and Wound Care in Clinical Practice’, which brings together the evidence on the psychological impact of both wounds and wound treatment.