• Josephine Lovegrove

    Nurse Researcher/The Prince Charles Hospital, Queensland University Of Technology & Australian Catholic University

  • Josephine Lovegrove is jointly appointed as a Nurse Researcher by The Prince Charles Hospital and Queensland University of Technology. Josephine is based within the Nursing Research and Practice Development Centre at The Prince Charles Hospital, with a focus on pressure injury prevention research. Coming from a background of aged care and surgical nursing, Josephine moved into research with an interest in improving nursing care and patient safety. While now focusing on pressure injury prevention, Josephine has also previously worked on falls prevention, wound care and intravenous cannula assessment projects. To date, Josephine has published research exploring the relationships between assessed pressure injury risk and nurses’ prescription and implementation of preventative interventions. Having received a Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) First Class in this area of research, Josephine is now a PhD Candidate at Australian Catholic University. Extending upon her previous work, her PhD aims to examine the effect of matching preventative interventions to pressure injury risk level in critically ill patients.