• Dr Gabrielle McMullin

    Director/South Sydney Vascular Centre

  • Dr. Gabrielle McMullin MB BCh BAO BA FRCSEd FRACS MCh is a consultant vascular surgeon working at Sutherland and St. George hospitals in Sydney. She completed her medical degree at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and then worked in New Zealand, Hong Kong, London, Papua New Guinea and Sydney. She has been a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons since 1993 and a consultant vascular surgeon in Sydney since 1995. She has a special interest in wounds having undertaken a Master’s degree in London in 1989 when duplex Doppler ultrasound was made available for the investigation of venous disease of the lower limb. She has published numerous papers and contributed to chapters in a number of books with regard to leg ulcers. She has lectured widely on the need to investigate the cause for non-healing wounds and treat appropriately. She takes part in a multidisciplinary high risk foot clinic at St. George Hospital, Sydney and runs a weekly leg ulcer clinic at her private rooms. She has identified failure of compression bandaging to be among the major causes for poor leg ulcer healing and is now involved with a medical device company to produce a wireless sub-bandage pressure device to improve day to day management of this common condition.