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    Measuring the health outcomes of ‘Wound Hygiene’ and applying a value-based health approach

  • Delayed wound healing is one of the main challenges we as clinicians are facing when treating healable wounds.
    Terry Swanson, Nurse Practitioner, will present the conclusion of the latest international consensus document: ‘Defying hard-to-heal wounds with an early antibiofilm intervention strategy: wound hygiene’.
    This presentation will provide an overview of the four simple steps for the management of biofilm for optimal wound hygiene.
    The economic benefits using a value-based healthcare approach with the wound hygiene concept to reduce the overall therapy and treatment costs while promoting wound healing will be provided. The health economics data will measure the health outcomes against the cost of delivering the outcomes with the goal of improving wound healing, pain, and patient quality of life.

    Session Speaker
  • Private: Terry Swanson

    Nurse Practitioner Wound Management/W.E.R.C (Wound Education Research Consultancy)

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  • B Braun