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    Management of patients with complex wounds – after application of a synthetic dermal matrix

  • Vascular disease presents a notorious mix of barriers to wound healing including peripheral arterial disease, diabetes related neuro ischemia and oedema disorders such as chronic venous insufficiency, lymphoedema and mixed venous/arterial disease. Many of these conditions present significant risk for minor or major limb amputation.

    NovoSorb Biodegradable Temporising Matrix (BTM) has provided a new option for treatment of a variety of wounds in vascular disease patients with surprising success.

    Since December 2019 the FMC Vascular Surgery dept. has undertaken use of BTM to treat a variety of lower limb wounds both chronic and acute in nature. This presentation shares our experience of BTM used in 25 patients, outlining our successful use of this scaffold technology in many of these patients, who were threatened with lower limb amputation.

    Presentation 1: “A new approach to achieve wound closure in vascular disease patients”
    Frank Guerriero


    Session Speaker
  • Frank Guerriero

    Nurse Practitioner, Dept. Vascular and Endovascular Surgery/Flinders Medical Centre/ Flinders University

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