• 4:00pm5:00pm

    INNOVATION IN DIABETIC FOOT CARE: How Can Research & Development Improve Clinical Outcomes?

  • A presentation discussing Leading with Science; Being Healthcare Professional Partners; Putting Patients at the Heart. Followed by a panel discussion and Q&A where our presenters will be joined by Emilio Galea – Urgo Medical International Medical Director and Assoc. Professor Michael Woodward- Director of Wound Clinic, Austin Health.

    Presentation 1: Leading with science
    Dr Serge BOHBOT MD.MSc.

    Presentation 2: Being Healthcare Professional Partners
    Professor Michael Edmonds

    Presentation 3: Putting patients at the heart
    Dr Marco Meloni MD. PhD


    Session Speakers
  • Dr Serge BOHBOT MD.MSc.

    Global Medical Affairs Director, Urgo Medical/Urgo Medical

  • Professor Michael Edmonds

    Consultant Physician/King's College Hospital, London

  • Dr Marco Meloni MD. PhD

    Researcher Fellow/University of Tor Vergata, Roma

  • Assoc Prof Michael Woodward, AM

    Director of Wound Clinic/Austin Health

  • Session Sponsor
  • Urgo Medical