The program committee are developing a program in line with the conference themes, Connect, Collaborate & Innovate. As the program is developed the website will be updated.

Please review the website regularly for updates prior to the final program release, before the conference.


Wednesday 4 November 2020
0800-1030 Registration
3M Australia
1000-1030 Catering break
1030-1230 Opening
How can science advance clinical practice, Amit Geffen, Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Evidence emerging from the bench, A/Prof Leila Cuttle, Head Of Qut Burns And Trauma Lab

Emerging innovations that will change wound care, Brian Lepow, Assistant Professor
1230-1330 Catering break
1330-1530 Plenary 2
Paradigm shifts in wound management, Michael Woodward, Senior Geriatrician

Guideline 1 International Pressure Injury, Keryln Carville

Guideline 2 Atypical wounds, Judith Barker

Guideline 3 Antimicrobial Stewardship, Sarah Coghill, Infectious Diseases Physician

Guideline 4 Wound Exudate, Zena Moore, Professor

Guideline 5 How to implement evidence in your clinical practice, Keryln Carville
1530-1600 Catering break
1700-1900 Welcome reception – Exhibition, Great Hall
Thursday 5 November
Molnlycke Health Care
0900-1100 Plenary 3
Introduction to holistic care/ person centred care, Zena Moore, Professor

Wellness in wounded people/(Mental Health), Penney Upton, Associate Professor

Nutrition & Wounds, Donna Hickling

Self Care/ Self Treatment/ Self Management, Suzanne Kapp, Researcher

Indigenous/ diversity, Matt West
1100-1200 Catering Break- Exhibition, Great Hall
1200-1330 Concurrent 1- more details soon
1330-1430 Catering Break- Exhibition, Great Hall
1430-1630 Concurrent 2- more details soon
1900-2300 Conference gala dinner and awards night
Friday 6 November
0900-1100 Plenary 4
Change Agent Story (short pre recorded videos), Terry Swanson

How the crowd can make change in wound care (Reflection of associations making change), Zena Moore, Professor

Change Agent Story, Hayley Ryan

Effecting organisational change across clinical settings, Dot Weir, Wound Clinician / Consultant

Change Agent Story, Jan Rice

Motivation interviewing weave in a community care focus

Change Agent Story, Bill McGuiness

Personal and profesisonal perspectives of wound healing from a seaweek scientist, Pia Weinberg, CEO & Chief Scientist
1100-1200 Catering Break- Exhibition, Great Hall
1200-1330 Concurrent 3- more details to soon
1330-1430 Catering Break- Exhibition, Great Hall
Molnlycke Health Care
1430-1630 Plenary 5
How do you take the seed of an idea and grow it; examples from practice, Brian Lepow, Assistant Professor

Innovation Tank

2018 Innovation Tank Winner Presentation, Allan Donnelly
1630-1700 Conference close
Saturday 7 November
0930-1130 Post-conference Workshop 1- more details soon
1130-1200 Catering Break & Workshop Networking Hub
1200-1500 Post-conference Workshop 2- more details soon