About Wounds Australia

Establish in 1994, Wounds Australia vision is to ensure the Australian community receives quality wound prevention and care as the leading body for wound care and management. It is our mission to lead the way in wound care and prevention through advocacy, knowledge, innovation and collaboration.

Wounds Australia has 5 strategic domains of activity with goals and priorities set by the Board of Directors:

Membership: Wounds Australia has a strong commitment to supporting our members. We will grow our membership by offering resources and benefits that are relevant and useful for members. We will develop and deliver a Wounds Australia credentialing program, to provide a way of recognising wound professionals.

Awareness: Wounds Australia will continue to raise awareness of wound care and wound healing particularly among people at risk of chronic wounds. We will continue to invest in Wound Awareness Week and measure the impact of awareness generating activities.

Knowledge: Supporting the development and sharing of knowledge about wound prevention and care is essential to our vision. We will run conferences and professional development events, both face to face and online to provide high quality evidence based education in wound care and prevention. We will produce robust and evidence based guidelines and resources to support clinical practice.

Advocacy: Wounds Australia is the voice for wound prevention and care. We will advocate for quality wound prevention and care to key decisions makes in the broader health care environment. We will also intensify our political lobbying for better wound care.

Sustainable Growth: To achieve our vision, Wounds Australia must be financially secure and a well governed organisation. We will invest in developing a strong Board of Directors and continually improve our governance structures. We will secure corporate partnerships with industry and stakeholders. We will generate reserves from activities such as events to support for purpose activities such as Wound Awareness Week and advocacy.